Datawrapper - An open source tool helping anyone to create simple, correct and embeddable charts in minutes

Biyo - Pay with your hand

Placeit! Place Your App in a Stage!

Check - A free app that stays on top of your bills & money

GoSquared - Easy to use real-time web analytics.

Sesame - Hands-Free Control for your Mobile

Slack: Be less busy

Magine - Interactive TV

Upright - Shape who you are

Tamr - A Growing Data Challenge

LOCKS - Bootstrap Dashboard Theme

Highcharts - Create interactive charts easily for your web projects.

Spot.IM - Your Community, Anytime, Anywhere

Create HTML5 Animations Easily With HTML5Maker

Popplet- a tool for the iPad and web to capture and organize your ideas

OMsignal Biometric Smartwear is here

Adobe Voice - Turn your story into a stunning animated video. In minutes

Onsen UI is a Custom Elements-Based HTML5 UI Framework for Building PhoneGap/Cordova Hybrid apps

Hopscotch - Coding for kids

pikock - build multi-device websites without coding

Visage - Beautiful, Branded Reports

Car UX- Collection of car Interior, UX images

Statti - Responsive Bootstrap Animated Template

CENTR: Interactive Panoramic Video in the Palm of Your Hand

Narrative - A new kind of photographic memory

Creating Customers for Life: 50 Resources on Loyalty, Churn, and Customer Retention